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At Happy Place™, we take pride in advising retailers and educating consumers about all things CBD. This means that we also prioritize sharing the latest CBD news headlines to make sure our customers never miss a beat.
Over the past few years, CBD has reached new heights as one of the most widely marketed products worldwide. There are very few industries that have not been affected by the canna-craze — you can find everything from CBD-infused salad dressings to wellness products to workout clothes.
We all know that regular exercise is important for staying healthy. It can help reduce the risks of developing certain diseases and improve your overall quality of life. Fitness can also make people happy, as the release of endorphins triggers positive feelings. In general, there are very few downsides to moving your body a little bit each day.
The cannabis industry is ever-changing. It seems like there are always new strains, devices, or products being developed and raved about. The newest hemp hype at the moment? Delta-8 THC.
CBD products have exploded on the market over the last few years. Walk into almost any store in the US and you’re bound to find this plant extract in at least one or two products. There are CBD deodorants, bath bombs, salad dressings — you name it, and someone has probably infused it with CBD.

So many things can affect our energy and focus throughout any given day. Stress, lack of sleep, and even what we eat can all play a role. Instead of reaching for that third cup of morning coffee, a growing number of people are looking for an alternative that won’t leave them feeling sluggish by 3pm, which brings about the question — can you use CBD for energy and focus? To answer this, let’s take a deeper look at how CBD works and meet its cool, lesser-known cousin, CBG.

If you’re totally new to the world of CBD, welcome! It’s natural to want to learn more about this incredible cannabinoid, and Happy Place™ is here to help. We’ve got the answers to all of your most pressing questions, such as: “Can you get high on CBD?” and “What does taking CBD feel like?”

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We want to cultivate an environment of highly-educated CBD consumers and retailers. That’s why we created our “In the News” section — to gather every relevant piece of news out there and keep our partners up-to-date. The cannabis industry is rapidly changing, and we’re here to provide the latest news, statistics, and more to help you stay in-the-know.

Check back often for all of the latest CBD news.

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