Can CBD Help with Workout Recovery?

Can CBD Help with Workout Recovery?

Can CBD Help with Workout Recovery?

We all know that regular exercise is important for staying healthy. It can help reduce the risks of developing certain diseases and improve your overall quality of life. Fitness can also make people happy, as the release of endorphins triggers positive feelings. In general, there are very few downsides to moving your body a little bit each day.

Depending on the level of exercise you engage in, however, some workouts can cause joint and muscle pains. These post-workout aches can last anywhere from a few hours to a few days. Anyone who has experienced a painful post-workout recovery will tell you that they can become seriously inconvenient. Not only do they prevent you from continuing your regular workout routine, but they can make your daily life uncomfortable.

If you engage in high-intensity workouts, you are probably interested in finding ways to help with workout recovery. One solution you may not have considered before is using CBD for recovery. Many users report that CBD has helped relieve muscle soreness caused by intense workouts, and some research suggests the cannabinoid may have anti-inflammatory properties.

How Does It Work?

As the CBD industry booms in popularity, the potential benefits of adding CBD to your fitness routine are becoming more attractive to active users. Research on how CBD affects the body is still in its early stages, but there is some promising evidence out there. According to one study, CBD may reduce acute inflammation, which is the body's reaction to injury. This means that using CBD for recovery may potentially soothe muscle aches after high-intensity exercise.

Which CBD Products Are Best for Post-Workout Soreness?

CBD topicals are highly recommended among consumers who use CBD post-workout. Some studies support the use of CBD as a potential treatment for patients with rheumatoid arthritis and other joint-related ailments, though further research is needed in this area. Essentially, based on this and similar research, CBD topicals, capsules, and gummies may work to ease post-workout aches by interacting with cannabinoid receptors in your body, which are directly linked to your immune system

Before using CBD for recovery, you should check with your doctor to make sure it won’t interfere with any medications you’re already taking. You should also make sure you’re purchasing high-quality CBD products from a reputable company. Do your research beforehand, and look for CBD companies that practice third-party lab testing, as well as ones that are GMP-certified and follow FDA regulations to the best of their abilities.

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Find Your Happy Place™ with CBD for Recovery

It doesn’t matter if you’re in great shape — post-workout soreness is inevitable, especially if you’re trying out a new routine. Doctors recommend applying ice to sore muscles to reduce inflammation or heat to increase blood flow, and gentle stretching and rest can help. But if you’re looking for alternative solutions, consider creating a CBD fitness routine by using CBD post-workout.

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