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Convenience stores are in prime position to benefit from the rapid growth of CBD gummies, and Happy PlaceTM can help operators grab their share of this CBD market.
Happy PlaceTM isn’t messing around with the Lime of the Party CBD Gummies. They're 3-times stronger and bursting with flavor -- there’s a reason why they're the life of the party.
Trust. Credibility. Transparency. Sure, Happy PlaceTM is a cheeky, fun CBD gummy brand, but we are 100% serious when it comes to the CBD in our products.
There are so many misconceptions about CBD, flat out conspiracy theories, fake news or whatever you want to call it.  That’s why Happy Place is here to clear the air on all things CBD.
Happy Place delivers a peach punch with a functional advantage in a ready-to-eat gummy format perfectly suited for your on-the-go c-store consumers.