Medical Cannabis Company Finds Its Happy Place™

Saint Paul, MN, August 4, 2020

Leafline Wellness, a leading producer of hemp-derived CBD products, recently announced the launch of its Happy Place™ CBD product line into convenience stores. 

Happy PlaceTM is a brand developed by a team of convenience store experts and is the only CBD brand on the market created specifically for the convenience store shopper. 

Colin Kelley, President of Leafline Wellness, said "Though it’s a new team to Leafline, these three experts come to us with a combined 60 years of experience in the convenience industry.” 

Jason Schreiber, Vice President of Sales, has over 25 years of experience in the convenience store industry as a trusted advisor, relationship-builder, and visionary. 

Rachel Quintanilla Albertson, Vice President of Brand Marketing, has devoted her 27 year career to creating and marketing profitable programs to the convenience store sector. 

Sarah Odde Lynch, Chief Revenue Officer, has 20 years of corporate marketing and sales experience in the food and beverage industries. 

"The remarkable skill set Sarah, Rachel and Jason bring to Happy Place is significant. Their experience speaks for itself and it's hard to express how excited we are to have the three of them spearheading the Happy PlaceTM product line” notes Kelley. 

With the enacting of the Farm Bill, 2020 stands to be a breakout year for CBD items. The company’s passion is to continue to expand the CBD market through innovation, education and product quality. All products are GMP certified and third-party lab tested. Happy PlaceTM is set to debut in convenience stores across the midwest in August 2020. 

LeafLine Industries owns and operates multiple companies including its two largest subsidiaries: LeafLine Labs and LeafLine Wellness. LeafLine Labs is the preferred medical cannabis licensee in the state of Minnesota using controlled-environment agriculture to cultivate cannabis for extract-based medicine to distribute through patient care centers across the state of Minnesota. 

Happy Place, operating under Leafline Wellness, is engaged in the acquisition and production of hemp-derived CBD consumer products focusing on bringing GMP certified, organic and third-party lab test products to the convenience store industry. The company’s passion is to continue to expand the CBD market through innovation, education and product quality.

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Rachel Quintanilla Albertson