Our Philosophy

Life is beautiful, but she can really test your patience sometimes. Long hours, stressful situations, aches, pains, and tired brains can make our days feel more like obstacles than opportunities. That’s where CBD may help! This powerhouse of a compound may balance your mood, ease your pains, and focus your mind -- closing the gap between a gloomy day and a great one.

One day, we asked ourselves: how can we make CBD more readily available for everyday people? Good CBD, not the sketchy stuff. Happy Place™ was our answer. We hope it can be your answer, too. Your trusty sidekick, helping you get the most out of life. Your sunshine on a cloudy day. Your go-to. Your pal. Your Happy Place™.



What you put in your body should first be put to the test! At Happy Place™, making high-quality products is our first, second, and third-party tested priority.


Our goal is to spread the joyful benefits of CBD to as many folks as we can, online and in convenience stores everywhere, at the best price possible.


CBD is not as dark or edgy as some of the packaging out there might suggest. We do our best to infuse everything we make and do at Happy Place™ with our signature sunny positivity.

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Also a priority: Earning Nerdy
safety Badges for our A+ Manufacturing practices

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