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This is Big — Real Big

CBD is an exploding industry with an estimated $18 billion in growth by 2024, according to BDSA and Arcview Market Research. The best part? 55% of that is set to come from sales of edibles and topicals, putting CBD retailers in a perfect position to benefit.

That’s how we roll!

Happy Place™ is a CBD Brand Built for Your Business

Customers Crave CBD

The results are in — retail customers are craving CBD’s joy-bringing goodness. The Brightfield Group found that, among regular CBD users, 40% are willing to spend $20-$80 per month on high-quality CBD products. That means CBD retailers selling these products are getting a big piece of the pie!


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Happy Place™ was Built for CBD Retailers

Happy Place™ is a brand created by retail professionals, and our products are specifically designed, priced, and positioned to appeal to your shoppers. We’ve got just what you need to put a smile on their dial.

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Happy Place™ is a Fun Brand Serious About Quality

CBD can be fun, but ensuring you get the best quality is the name of the game. At Happy Place™, we use premium CBD and manufacture our products in GMP-certified facilities. We also openly publish our third-party lab test results (sounds like a win-win-win!).

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Happy Place™ is Backed by Science and Experience

We may seem pretty cheery, but the Happy Place™ team is a serious bunch. Our organization is data-driven and compliance-based, with years of experience working with CBD.

Happy Products, Happy Program

Our quality-controlled CBD gummies, tinctures, and more are designed for repeat purchase, and our professionally-managed, turnkey CBD retailer program is designed to be just as rewarding. Read all about both!

Become a Happy Place™ Partner

Selling CBD in your retail store has never been easier. We offer a complete program designed to set you up for gleeful success on day one, so you can reap the rewards with none of the hassle.

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Questions Need Answers

Have more questions about Happy Place™ products and processes? Feel free to reach out to our helpful team or explore our extensive FAQ for more information!

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