CBD Muscle & Joint Patch (1pk)
CBD Muscle & Joint Patch (1pk)

CBD Muscle & Joint Patch (1pk)

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When in doubt, (CBD) patch it out.

Soothing tense or sore muscles and relieving achey joints has never been easier, until now. This CBD Muscle & Joint Patch is a discreet way to CBD (yes, we just made it a verb and we kind of love it). Hypoallergenic and loaded with 50mg of pure CBD isolate, this patch is designed to deliver soothing sensations for up to 72 whole hours. Simply place your patch and let it do its thang - in no time at all! One and done. It's really that easy.

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Customer Reviews

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Worked for my boyfriend!

I've tried a few of these and didn't notice much of a difference. I've decided to stick to the gummies and cream - which I love! But my boyfriend swears by the patches. He uses them as part of is post-workout routine and sometimes before bed.

Feels great

I think this patch is awesome. It was a little hard to get off of the packaging but I had it for a while before I used it since I only bought the 1 pack. It felt really great right away when I put it on my lower back. It stayed on too for longer than I expected.

Heck yes, I love these

I have had a crick in my neck for a while because of an injury. These patches have been a life saver. They stay on for a couple of days too (even after showering (which is really nice). My only suggestion is to make them larger.

Pain Be Gone!

This little patch is a serious miracle worker. Strained my back, put this thing on, and 8 hours later, I felt so much better. It must be due to the 50mg's of CBD in one patch. Highly recommend trying for aches and pains.

Any place. Every place. Happy Place™.

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